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7 Excellent Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills During Winter

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When you’re on a budget and the weather is cooling down, utility costs can be a problem. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what the temperatures will be from one day to the next. When you need to have heating around the clock to keep your home comfortable, that can cause exorbitant heating bills.

The good news is that there are ways to cut these bills while staying warm. Read the options below and make sure you are keeping your costs low all winter long.


1. Check the Insulation

One of the main ways you keep your home warm is through insulation. It’s not uncommon for areas like the basement or attic to have improper amounts of insulation from when the home was built. The best thing you can do is bring out a team to insulate the walls to help cut heating costs.


2. Seal Openings

Keeping the doors and windows shut when temperatures drop is important. However, other openings in the home may be overlooked. For instance, gaps in the window frames can let in cold air and allow warm air to escape. Sealing these areas helps your home retain heat.


3. Maintain Your Heat Pump or Furnace

Before the temperature dips down to its lowest, consider having a yearly maintenance checkup for your ductless heat pump or furnace. You may find out you need it adjusted or should have it replaced for the best energy efficiency. Paying for a new heat pump is far better than spending tons on bills.

4. Open Curtains

We mentioned that windows should be shut, however, you should open the curtains. This might sound strange but it can help to heat your home. The sun’s warmth will come inside as the rays reach the windows. Plus, the brightness you gain means you can turn off some lights and save energy that way.

5. Close Vents


In rooms that are warmer than others, or those that are rarely entered, consider closing the floor vents. Instead of heating those rooms for no reason, the heat will come to the areas you are using that may be cooler on a regular basis.


6. Replace Filters


HVAC systems come with filters to keep dust and dirt out of the air. However, once the filter is dirty, it takes more power for the system to run. When this occurs, you get much less efficient and can expect to have more expensive utility bills.


7. Adjust Thermometers


During some parts of the day, you may not need your heating system running at full speed ahead. Turn the temperature down slightly when you’ll be away from the house for a long time or you are going to be sleeping. Installing a programmable thermostat makes this a breeze.



Install a New Heat Pump or Get Repairs to Your Existing One

Whether you need a new heat pump or repairs to one you already have, All seasons home has the experience and knowledge to help you. Our technicians are well-trained and have expert knowledge to ensure the job is done right. We care about all of our customers and are dedicated to providing you with heating that doesn’t break the bank.


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