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Are Heat Pumps Useful in Locations With a Cold Climate?

Mini Split Maintenance

Ductless heat pumps have been gaining popularity across the United States. They aren’t just popular in the South but in all other parts of the country. One reason is mini splits tend to be more efficient than other heating and cooling options. Second, they help you cut down on carbon emissions to benefit the environment.

However, those in colder climates might wonder if a heat pump is right for their home. In the past, it was assumed that heat pumps were only useful in warm areas. You may have heard that they aren’t useful in locations that get below freezing. This might have been true in decades past but it is no longer accurate today.


How Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates

A heat pump works the same in winter as it does in summer – except in reverse. This occurs because the pump has a closed-loop system so it can go either way. When the temperatures drop outside, it pulls in any heat possible from the outdoor air and places it in the home.

 This might sound strange but the air outside contains heat even in the middle of winter. Even when the air outside is at five degrees Fahrenheit or lower, the heat pump can absorb enough heat to keep your home toasty warm.

Keeping Your Heat Pump Running Well in Cold Temperatures

Taking care of the heat pump is essential to ensure it runs well throughout the cold months. Thankfully, not as much maintenance is needed for a heat pump as for air conditioners. As long as you have a checkup on occasion, you’ll be good to go.


Follow the tips below for the best results:


  • Have yearly (or twice yearly) maintenance scheduled to ensure all internal components of the heat pump are functioning as expected.

  • If a tripped breaker or power outage disturbs the operation of the heat pump, wait six hours before using the system.

  • Every month (or more frequently), make sure the air filters are replaced.

  • Occasionally make sure that grass, bushes, and other debris is no closer than two feet from the heat pump. Anything covering the unit should be removed.

  • Be sure outdoor components are not experiencing clippings, dust, snow, ice, or debris

Have Mini Split Heat Pumps Installed in the Boston Area

 If you’re looking to have a mini split heat pump installed, you need professionals with lots of experience. An expert can handle the installation and make sure things are working perfectly before leaving you to enjoy your new heating and cooling system. All seasons home is composed of professionals who offer heat pump services in Boston and beyond. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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