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8 Best Mass Save® Rebates And Incentives in 2024

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It’s time to unlock an impressive collection of energy-saving opportunities for Massachusetts homeowners. The Mass Save® program, a collaborative effort by your local utilities and energy experts, offers a suite of rebates, incentives, and financing options designed to transform your home into a money-saving haven. Let’s look into the top 8 Mass Save® incentives for 2024 and find out how you can lower your energy bills while enjoying year-round comfort in Massachusetts.

  1. Power Up Savings with 0% Financing through the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program

This remarkable program offers a significant financial benefit for qualifying homeowners. Access 0% financing for up to $25,000 for the following sustainable improvements. 

  • Weatherization
  • Pre-weatherization barriers
  • Condensing boilers and furnaces
  • Water heaters (oil, propane, gas)
  • ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows
  • Residential batteries enrolled in ConnectedSolutions

Contemplating installing a heat pump? The financing jumps to a substantial $50,000, placing the power of efficient heating and cooling within easy reach. 

  1. Stay Comfortable With Air Source Heat Pumps

Imagine a single, versatile system that keeps your Massachusetts home comfortable all year long! Air source heat pumps are the answer. They extract heat from the outside air for warmth in winter and reverse the process for cool summer comfort. These adaptable systems come in ducted and ductless versions (mini-splits), making them suitable for any home, regardless of existing ductwork. Enjoy even greater savings with federal tax credits and enhanced rebates for income-qualifying customers

Rebates vary depending on whether the system serves your entire home or just a specific area. Have a look at the following guide:

  • Rebate amount: 1,250/ton for partial-home installations, 10,000 for whole-home installations. 
  • Enhanced amount (Moderate Income): $16,000/home
  1. Wrap Your Home in Comfort with Insulation and Window Upgrades

Feeling a draft? It’s time to seal the deal with Mass Save® incentives for insulation and windows. These upgrades are the cornerstone of energy efficiency, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. The Mass Save® program even offers no-cost insulation and air sealing for income-eligible residents. Invest in your comfort and watch your energy bills shrink! Paired with weatherization upgrades  (insulation and air sealing), upgrading heating and cooling equipment is one of the most effective ways to lower your energy use.

  1. Upgrade Your Heating System and Save

Thinking about a new boiler or furnace? Mass Save® has you covered! Modern, high-efficiency systems use less energy to keep you warm and comfortable. While upgrading your heating equipment is a great option, consider a heat pump – they offer both heating and cooling in one unit and can work with or without existing ductwork. 

Modern cold-climate heat pumps are designed to deliver exceptional performance, even in the harshest Massachusetts winters. Furthermore, these systems operate at 2–4 times the efficiency of a boiler or furnace, translating to significant energy savings. Rebates of up to $15,000 are available for qualifying heat pump systems, with even deeper discounts for income-eligible customers.

  1. Maximize Savings and Comfort with Integrated Controls

Take your comfort and savings to the next level with integrated control rebates. These intelligent systems seamlessly switch between your heat pump and a backup heating system based on the outdoor temperature. This ensures you maximize the use of your energy-efficient heat pump, minimizing reliance on a less efficient boiler or furnace. Receive up to $1,500 to help offset the installation costs. This translates to a rebate of $500 per indoor unit, making it an even more attractive option for larger homes. The result? Significant cost savings on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

  1. Stay Cool for Less with Room Air Conditioner Rebates

Mass Save® offers rebates on energy-efficient room air conditioners.  Purchase an ENERGY STAR® certified window or portable unit and receive a $40 rebate.  These advanced models boast improved sealing and insulation, keeping you cool and comfortable while saving you money on energy bills.  Combine this with weatherization upgrades for even greater savings.  Income-eligible residents can access deeper discounts or even free AC units!

  1. Take Control of Your Energy Costs with Smart and Programmable Thermostats

Tired of wasting energy when you’re not home? Smart and programmable thermostats offer a solution! The Mass Save® program incentivizes their installation with rebates of up to $100 per thermostat. Both smart and programmable thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely, saving you money on your energy bills. The Mass Save® program offers rebates of up to $25 per 7-day programmable thermostat, making them an affordable way to boost efficiency.

  1. Hidden Savings with a Free Home Energy Assessment

Is your home harboring hidden energy wasters? A free Home Energy Assessment from a Mass Save® expert can help you identify areas for improvement and unlock significant savings. During a comprehensive assessment, an Energy Specialist will pinpoint inefficiencies in your home’s energy usage and recommend specific solutions.

The Mass Save® program offers two convenient ways to get a Home Energy Assessment:

  • Free Online Assessment: Provide information about your home online to receive personalized recommendations for saving energy.
  • Free In-Person or Virtual Assessment: Schedule a free in-person or virtual assessment with a Mass Save® Energy Specialist for a detailed analysis of your home’s energy use.

Find Your Home’s Energy-Saving Potential With Us

The future of energy efficiency is bright in Massachusetts! The Mass Save® program is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 2 programs since the last 10 years. From advanced air source heat pumps to smart thermostats and weatherization upgrades, there’s a solution for every homeowner. 

Don’t wait any longer! Contact All Seasons Home HVAC today for a free consultation and unlock the full potential of your Mass Save® savings. Together, let’s make your home a model of energy efficiency and comfort.

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