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How Do Zones Work With Ductless Mini Split Systems?

Split AC System

Are you thinking about installing a ductless mini-split system? These units are becoming more popular by the day all across the United States. They’re great for homes with minimal space without ductwork. A mini split is more efficient and quieter than a traditional HVAC system. It also includes a multi-zone system that lets you heat and cool the entire home just the way you want.

What Is a Multi-Zone Ductless System?

When you have a ductless system, it moves heat inside or outside depending on where it is needed. It is composed of an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit. Unlike traditional air conditioning and heating, no ductwork is required.

Instead, refrigerant lines run from the indoor units to the outdoor one. Small holes let refrigerant move from place to place. One of the benefits of these systems is that they offer both efficient cooling and heating throughout the year and create no heat loss. They work as heating systems and air conditioner replacements with energy savings and top performance.

Unlike some systems that only keep a room or part of the home cool or warm, multi-zone systems can be used in multiple spaces within the home. One outdoor compressor connects with several indoor units in multiple zones. This provides cooling and heating to many areas in a home. 

What makes this better than a traditional HVAC system is that the system is zoned. Each area of the home can benefit from a unique temperature. This is a great way to keep some rooms warm and others cooler. It gives every family member the comfort they want.

Reason to Choose Zoned Ductless Systems

Have you ever had arguments with others in the home over temperature? Zoned ductless systems make this a thing of the past. You can customize temperature settings to meet every person’s preferences in the zone they spend the most time in. Operation is simple through the use of a mobile device, remote, or the unit itself.

In addition, less energy is used by ductless systems than by central HVAC systems. With ductwork, heat is always lost and that isn’t a problem with mini-split systems. This can help reduce your energy costs by as much as 40%. For efficient heating and cooling, the ductless heat pump comes out on top.

Ductwork and air handling equipment, common in central HVAC systems, is unneeded with a ductless system. This creates a smaller and less intrusive design that works well in small and historic homes to reduce construction costs and save space. 

Reach Out for a Mini Split Installation in Boston

If you want a comfortable interior to your home but don’t want to deal with an empty wallet, a ductless heat pump is an excellent choice. These heat pumps keep the home comfortable while being easy to use, simple to maintain, and energy efficient. Reach out to All Seasons home if you are ready to have a ductless mini-split installation in Boston.

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