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How to Keep Your Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump in Great Shape

Ductless Mini Split System

Are you loving your Boston ductless mini split heat pump? You definitely are not alone. This type of system heats and cools the home without ductwork. They can replace gas, wood, and propane systems, as well as wall-mounted and baseboard electric systems. They cool in summer, heat in winter, and keep the house comfy throughout the year.

However, caring for your heat pump is essential to get the best results. Below are a few tips to follow to ensure your system is at its best and everyone in your home is happy.

Turn the Fan to Auto

Each ductless heat pump has an air handler that determines the air speeds. Rather than making changes to the temperature, consider setting the mode to cool or heat and the fan to auto. It’s easier and better for the systems.

Unlike other systems, where you might make adjustments regularly, mini splits do well when allowed to work on an automatic basis. If there are some rooms you rarely use, consider shutting the doors so no heat or cooling is going into them.

Leave the System Running

A ductless system ramps up or down slowly based on your temperature needs. Instead of turning it on and having a huge blast of air before it turns back off, mini-splits only put out the heat or cooling that is needed. This means it might feel the system is constantly on. However, this is what makes it highly efficient.

Clean the Filter

When dust and debris build up on the air filter, the system has to work harder to match the temperature you want. When it works harder, it’s less efficient. This means more energy is used to cool and heat the space.

However, the good news is that ductless air systems have filters that can be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Doing this regularly ensures efficient operation no matter the temperature outside.

Wipe the Indoor Units

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe each of the indoor units for the mini split. If there is dirt that can’t be removed easily, use a lightly moistened cloth to clean the outside. The air intake grille can also be removed to wash with water. Use a rag or sponge and wipe away any moisture.

As far as scheduling goes, it’s up to you. Some people add this task to their normal house cleaning while others might only wipe things down when there’s excess dust you notice.

Choose Trusted Professionals in Boston for Your Ductless Mini Split Needs

There are tons of reasons to choose a ductless mini-split system over a traditional central air conditioning unit. However, keeping the heat pump in good shape is essential to get the best heating and cooling possible. Bringing in professionals to handle the maintenance and inspection of the unit can help. Reach out to us at All seasons home to make sure everything is in perfect order.

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