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Simple Tips to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Home

HVAC Mini Split Systems

When you want to start reducing your carbon footprint at home, even small changes can make a huge difference. Adopting new habits and changing your behaviors can be a good first step toward helping make a difference in the fight against global warming. As a homeowner, there are many methods to reduce your carbon emissions and it doesn’t take a lot of work.

Choose Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

If you want to have energy efficiency, one of the best things you can do is choose a ductless mini split heat pump for your heating and cooling. It’s flexible enough to use in a variety of homes and businesses as well as climates. Heat pumps can cool and heat the home while delivering far more energy to the home than they use to run.

Those who do nothing else should consider a heat pump as an alternative to traditional HVAC systems. It makes a huge difference.

Insulate and Seal the Home

Any energy auditor will recommend that you upgrade your insulation and air-seal your home unless it has been recently constructed or upgraded. When you add air sealing and insulation, it makes the home far more efficient. That means it’s warmer in winter and cooler in the summer without using a ton of fuel.

These two improvements work well together and help make your HVAC system more efficient at the same time.

Wash Clothes in Warm or Cold Water

Not every method to reduce carbon footprint requires a lot of time or money. In this case, all you need to do is make a quick change when doing laundry. Rather than washing your clothing in hot water, switch it to warm or cold water instead.

If you have a modern washer and use decent laundry soap, there’s no reason to use hot water to get things clean. In fact, there are additional benefits to choosing cooler water. It is less rough on the fabrics, so your clothing and linens last longer, which leads to less waste over time.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Those who haven’t already upgraded to a smart thermostat should think about moving forward. It has a huge impact on cutting energy waste and you don’t have to do much to enjoy the benefits. 

A smart thermostat learns how you like the temperature to be throughout the day. Once it understands those things, it can automatically change the settings based on the time of day. This means everyone in the home is comfortable while energy use is reduced when people aren’t around.

Reach Out to All Seasons Home for Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

There are tons of ways to cut your carbon footprint by making changes around your home. One that can make a huge difference is switching to a ductless mini split heat pump for heating and cooling. When you’re ready to install the new system, reach out to All seasons home. We can help you choose the right system and get it installed fast.

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